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Monday, June 11, 2007

Vacation is All I Ever Wanted

If you didn’t really know me and you were watching me from a distance, you would think I have been a serious bum, lately. And while I’m on that thought, let me add that if you don’t know me and are watching me from a distance, please stop. But as I was saying earlier, I really feel like a bum, lately. Well that is because I am on vacation. Well, sort of…more like writing a graphic novel between jobs…

It has not been a very productive two weeks. I wake up around noon, and on the occasion that I may wake up in the actual AM, I end up falling asleep and waking up again around noon. It makes me feel really lame. But on the plus side, recently I have been a little more diligent with my writing. It’s taking a little dedication and a little bit of self discipline, but I am gaining momentum. Ideas actually just pop into my head, like I’m some kind of lightning rod. I just write em down as they come. It feels great! I think maybe all this writing has somehow affected my dreams. My dreams are way more vivid and actually tell stories. Last night me and the twins took on a mobster in a heated game of cards. In the dream, he actually said, “you punks can’t play cards! Hell, I bet you guys couldn’t even play a Microsoft word processor!”

I woke up with an awesome WTF?

This is going to be a cool summer. I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to get through it without going broke, but oh well, I need it. This may be my only chance to complete a graphic novel. And besides, I’m on vacation.


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