cowboy raney

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Maybe I'm on to something?

did this logo for a mini portfolio i'm constructing. the concept is that it folds out from one page to two and finally to a four page spread.
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i really want to have photos of the physical thing by the end of this week. that would be cool. anyway, i'm really happy with doing a purely geometric logo, it feels like i'm doing something bad. it feels good.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

new work

here is some work for a fictional illustration magazine. i would love to really go into detail and nerd out, butim in the middle of creating a shrine for captain ahab. for the magazine of course
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words will be added as soon as i get around to coming up with a good way to execute it visually.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All in all, I guess I'm doing ok.

Really can't wait for this semester to be done. I used to be scared of not being able to get a job after I'm done with school. Now, I don't care anymore. I am going to get a job. That is no longer an issue. A job would be a vacation compared to this semester I would think.
Wait, what if I'm wrong? What if it never really gets easier?
Guess it doesn't really matter. I just need out of Tarrant county, I need to be somewhere else by Spring. I'm getting tired of waiting for something to happen.
By the way, is starting to get rolling. There still is no way to email us on the website, and that is dumb. I should fix that on Sunday when I'm working on it.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

getting it started...

after being inspired by the awesome les mcclaine comic strips i decided i should totally do a blog comic. here goes. by the way, i just started working at the school newspaper. its a pretty awesome gig.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

IT'S ME!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Vacation is All I Ever Wanted

If you didn’t really know me and you were watching me from a distance, you would think I have been a serious bum, lately. And while I’m on that thought, let me add that if you don’t know me and are watching me from a distance, please stop. But as I was saying earlier, I really feel like a bum, lately. Well that is because I am on vacation. Well, sort of…more like writing a graphic novel between jobs…

It has not been a very productive two weeks. I wake up around noon, and on the occasion that I may wake up in the actual AM, I end up falling asleep and waking up again around noon. It makes me feel really lame. But on the plus side, recently I have been a little more diligent with my writing. It’s taking a little dedication and a little bit of self discipline, but I am gaining momentum. Ideas actually just pop into my head, like I’m some kind of lightning rod. I just write em down as they come. It feels great! I think maybe all this writing has somehow affected my dreams. My dreams are way more vivid and actually tell stories. Last night me and the twins took on a mobster in a heated game of cards. In the dream, he actually said, “you punks can’t play cards! Hell, I bet you guys couldn’t even play a Microsoft word processor!”

I woke up with an awesome WTF?

This is going to be a cool summer. I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to get through it without going broke, but oh well, I need it. This may be my only chance to complete a graphic novel. And besides, I’m on vacation.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Well I finally got back to work on the script for Death Ride. I’m definitely going to have to change the title because, c’mon, it’s a story about cars like Death Proof and even I confuse the name sometimes…I sent in a very rough draft to Jesse, head of Viper comics and he said some of the dialogue is a bit stiff, which I wont disagree with. Of course it’s stiff, I’m not a practiced writer! Writing is going to be stiff and uncomfortable if you are stiff and uncomfortable with writing like I am. I’m trying to remedy that.

I need to improve my writing skills, so here I am, keeping a journal right here on the internet for my own later embarrassment.

The fleas in this apartment have really dealt a blow to my standard of living. I can stand dirty dishes and laundry on my floor; you can learn to live with that. But to constantly have bugs jump on you and bite you, man it sucks. It tears down your morale. Makes your life worse. I think it’s a big reason Max ran away, he was affected the worst, they actually lived on him…I couldn’t imagine. If he is still out there, I hope he’s ok and got rid of the damn bugs.

Anyway, we set up a bowl filled with soap water on the carpet with a lamp lighting it. The bright light is supposed to attract the fleas into the bowl while the soap water creates a surface tension that fleas can’t escape out of. It is amazingly entertaining.

Mike says it’s satisfying to grab a flea if you find one on you, and drop it into the bowl. I find that I have to agree. I’ve begun the ritual of picking them up and dropping them in, watching them sink. They fall in slow motion, they dance, writhe at the bottom of the bowl and become motionless. They lay together in a mass watery grave fifty strong, converted from their previous evil versions, they have now become the only good kind of flea. A dead one. I wonder if they have a death rattle, and if so, how hard would it be to build a tiny little underwater microphone and listen in? Maybe I should check with Radio Shack…