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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Moby Dick/ Beardwatch Part2

I have been on a Moby Dick kick for the last 2 months or so. I started reading the book again and have now probably begun one of the geekiest things I can think to do, which is to start collecting Moby Dick related merchandise. A kiddie cup shaped like a whale? I drink Dr.K out of it. A made for TV movie starring Captain Picard- er- Patrick Stewart as Captain Ahab? I Amazoned it. An anime about Moby Dick set in the year 4699? Yeah, I own it.

Actually, this is a pretty good anime and I totally recommend it. There is nothing like seeing guys in rocket ships hunting robotic space whales. Awesomely ridiculous.

Whoa! Max is totally starting to play my Nintendo DS now! Heinous!
Wow, everyone on the internet is totally going to think this is a photoshop! Max has been playing a lot lately and he’s almost as good as me at MarioKart…almost. Max, get your own DS, then we will see who the real champion is…

Yeah, its gettin’ there.
Some things that might be worth your time:

Allright kids, adios!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Moby Dick/ Beardwatch

Hey kids, I know I haven’t entered much as of late, but now I actually have something to blog about! I have officially become hardcore about working on Tough Luck Comics again. Look! Look! I made a schedule for myself and everything!

I finally bought the domain name and I can’t wait to upload the site! I know the name toughluckcomics is a real pain to type in, but I couldn’t get a hold of Apparently that domain is a hot commodity. Regardless! The site should be up in a matter of days in all its glory, complete with a 6 page preview of issue 1 and some “B-side” stories from “My Bounty Hunter Girlfriend”. Right now the site has advertisements from

There’s also two other comics I’m working on. “Moby Dick” is a little side-project-turned-web-comic that I’m working on. Nothing fancy, just a graphic novel interpretation of the totally rad book by Herman Melville. Here is an ink test for the general style and mood I’m going for:Expect Moby Dick to be finished sometime in the year 2038.

Also, I’m working on a little comic book about Max. I really want to print this off in zine form like MBHG, but only time and $$$ will tell if I do or not. And since I only have very vague sketches about how this book should look, most of them being very drunken drawings, here is a picture of the awesomeness that is Max:

I shaved yesterday after 5 days of having an almost awesome beard. I had to shave after it started to feel like my face was growing a pair of wool socks…sadly, it was either me or the beard. But with every death is a rebirth! It’s kind of like the circle of life or something. So since I’m kind of mourning the loss of my puberty beard, I should celebrate the very slow, awkward birth of my next puberty beard!
Photo documentation-Day One!!!!

Well that’s all for now! Adios, kiddos!
-Cowboy Raney