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Sunday, June 03, 2007

A-KON 2 Electric Boogaloo

One of my favorite posts ever for this blog is hands down day one and two of last year's A-KON. Ladies and gentlemen, her are some selected shots from this year's A-KON
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here is John and I with Pikachu. Kind of reminds me of that scene in a Christmas Story when Alfie comes down the stairs in the awesome rabbit suit. I want a Christmas Story sequel that takes place in Alphie's akward teenage years when the rabbit suit becomes his fursona, kinda like the Venom symbiot suit, but more retarded.
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Here is John with Mario. Mario found himself a DS, but he needs to find a Super Mushroom so he can be be of normal height.
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Here's the crew with whatever the hell that thing is. After the picture was taken, I felt really bad for the dude, he took off his head and inside was a pale scrawny dude with glasses fogged from sweat and a look that told me he might vomit at any second. I thought about how much care these people put into their costumes. THESE PEOPLE LIVE FOR PHOTO OPS . I really admire it, and I'm kicking myself for having thrown away my Pokemon suit from Halloween.
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And finally, here is me with an authentic Texan. I'm not sure what he was doing at A-Kon, but he had a registration badge so he had to belong. His wife let me know how dumb I was for not knowing who this guy is and something about his book about Texas Rangers coming out next week.
I have decided no matter how nerdy the whole thing was, there is a good portion of myslef that belonged at an event like this. It felt good to be surrounded by most of these guys. Next A-Kon, I'm staying the whole weekend-no excuses.


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