cowboy raney

Monday, June 12, 2006


All right, so day one of A-kon billowed goat. That was day one. Here is the formal report for day 2.
I called and actually got through to the GTT Saturday and figured out what hotel the boys were staying at. After walking into the hotel room, I was confronted with a room full of empty beer cans, a table covered in booze bottles, two televisions (one for Nintendo, one for Mr. Show), and a bunch of really drunk doodz. However, the crowning achievement might possibly have been the remnants of the word “BAMF!” written in silly string on the wall. The goop had solidified into a black greasy stain. Mike turns from the television with lazy eyes and tells me, “Yeah, the hotel dudes are going to kill us when they find that. Good thing I didn’t pay the deposit.” He’s playing Dudes with Tudes and drinking Southern Comfort out of the bottle.
After a few beers, shots, and Mr. Show episodes later, the crew decides we are ready to be seen in public.

I make sure that everyone in the room will be represintin’ by giving out custom tats.

Here are some pictures of us watching the new Tenchi OVAs! They’re not even out yet, but we talked the projector guy into playing the first episode. Tenchi, Ryo-ohki, and Ryoko's cleavage got enthusiastic applause.

An official for A-kon told us they had to resume scheduled viewing, and we stumbled out of the theatre, telling everyone that we were leaving because they weren’t playing Tenchi anymore.

By the way, I always forget how cool James is until I see him about once a year. Here are some awesome pictures of him. I think it should be noted that he looked exactly like how I felt.

COSPLAY! Note that I’m wearing the same shirt as yesterday, LOL.

The gangstas.

So day two was definitely more krunk then day one. I’ve got to ask off from work next year so I can be a part of the whole thing. I’m even thinking maybe I’ll do some Waluigi cosplay so I can go head to head with this dude…Apathetic Luigi, IV’E GOT YOUR NUMBER!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I was lukewarm about A-kon. I didn’t quite understand what it was all about and why the twins always freaked out about it. I promised I was going to ask off for the few days to go with my friends, but like a lot of things lately, that fell through. So after getting off work, Friday, I tried to get a hold of the boys to meet up with them at A-kon. Getting no answer from anyone in their posse, I gave up trying to reach them and decided to be bold and strike off for A-kon by myself.

Going to A-kon by your self blows goat. So does not having a cell phone to call your friends to let them know that you’ve arrived. And if they don’t have a cell phone either, like my friends, well that’s double suck.

So anyway, despite the fact that I couldn’t get a hold of my friends, I struck off undeterred in my attempt to make it to A-kon, find my friends, do some drinking, and watch some anime. Little did I know that finding someone at this event without knowing so much as a hotel room number is like trying to find a needle in a geek stack. However, during my journey through the busy hotel room hallways, I made a few friends.

These dudes were actually pretty cool. Too bad the picture didn’t turn out well…

I think these dudes are supposed to be that guy from some video game. Lookin’ tough, bros! But I dunno, those sords are a little phall…they’re kinda like…well they’re sorta gay, guys…

Here are two chun lees, complete with whatever that other girl is.

I also happened to accidentally stand in line for not only the yaoi festival, but also Rocky Horror picture show. While this was happening, I’m almost certain that John and Mike were in their hotel room drinking. Tripple whammy.

I have a feeling that going to A-kon for the first time in my twenties had an adverse outcome on my life. Had I have gone in my early teens I would have most definitely become someone else. Walking down the halls past cosplayers, teenage girls, and goth whatevers, I felt like there would have been a place here for a 15 year old me. But knowing the 15 year old me, I would have gotten lost, had my wallet stolen, gotten my heart broken by some slutty high school catgirl, only to get a ride home from my mom. But I definitely see what all there is to freak out about, and maybe only hell or high water could stop me next year from going to A-kon.

So not a totally awesome experience, but cheer up little emo Raney, there’s still the Beck show, and there is bound to be some cool happenings there!